Saturday, January 19, 2013

Winter Garden by Kristen Hannah

I finished this book this afternoon after reading the last half for most of the day. Winter Garden by Kristen Hannah is the powerful tale of Anya Whitson and her two daughters, Meredith and Nina, who are polar opposites. Meredith is grounded in her responsibilities of being a wife and mother as well as running her family's orchard with her father, and Nina is a world traveler, who finds solace in capturing breathtaking images wherever life takes her.
Each of these women have two things in common; their absolute love and adoration for their father, and their confused, painful past with their cold, distant mother.

When their father falls gravely ill, these two women are left to deal with their despondent mother, as well as the ghosts and shadows from their past. What neither can expect is the revelations that they will make about their own mother's past.

Alternating between the present and a war-ravaged Leningrad, three women will unexpectedly find themselves and each other on a heartbreaking and redemptive journey.

The first half of this book took off very slowly for me. Honestly, I found myself growing a tad annoyed with Meredith and Nina at times at how childish they were being. But, I just knew that this book would get better, and I was right. I am so glad that I finished this book. I would recommend it for lovers of historical fiction, particularly WWII-based. This is also a great mother-daughter book, and would make a great Mother's Day present for a bookworm mama!

4 stars

On another note, here is picture of my sweet doggie Rose, who loves to sniff my books for reasons only known to her. She cuddled with me while I read today.

Yep. Those are my frog pajamas. Haters gonna hate. :P

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