Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Downton Abbey Obsession

My husband and I discovered this gem of a show while he was laid up after shoulder surgery and we weren't leaving the house much. What we were doing is scouring Netflix for anything and everything worth watching. Enter Downton Abbey. Before I delve into my point for this post, allow me to entertain you with some of my Downton favorites from the internets :)

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You may have noticed that Lady Grantham is by far my favorite character...

Season 3 is now in full swing, and I have just viewed the most recent episode, #4 which aired 1/27/13. From this point on, THERE WILL BE... 

There's only one thing I want to vent about and that would be the death of Lady Sybil. She died shortly after giving birth to a baby girl of preeclampsia  I have been holding my breath all season because it was rumored that there would be a death in the House, and every episode up until this one I have been praying it wasn't true.
Alas, it has come to pass. Anytime you kill off a major character, I would imagine that there is much deliberation involved. And I've got to tell you, I never expected it to be Lady Sybil. 
And my, oh my, the whirlwind of emotions that came with this episode.
First of all, I loath that pompous doctor. LOATH.
I feel so bad for Lord Grantham. He clearly feels responsible, but I really feel that it was the doctor's fault. He had too much pride and it cost Sybil her life.
I cried for pretty much the last half of the episode( 30 minutes is a really long time to cry! My throat hurts now and everything...), but when Lady Violet had to stop and gather herself after talking to Carson, my heart shattered.
And poor Branson. That last shot of him holding his daughter was devastating.
It all changed so quickly...

My heart hurts.

It's hard to tell where the Crawleys will go from here, but it is certain that their family will never be the same.
This could take a while...

I'll leave you all with this

A tribute to Lady Sybil...



  1. Sybil is my favourite character. So sad to her beautiful face go :(

    1. I know, she was my favorite of the sisters. It will be interesting to see where they go from here! Apparently I missed the Christmas special that was mentioned on GR. I need to find that and watch it!