Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

I'm not really sure if my mediocre ramblings are going to do this one justice, so if all you read is this: Please read this book.

Where do I even start? Hmm, okay. Hazel Grace.

From the beginning, I loved Hazel's voice and her opinion of the world. Reading those first couple of sentences I remember smirking and thinking, oh yeah, I'm going to enjoy this one.  I thought that her outlook on life was very real and honest. She wasn't whiney, and she wasn't written to be a typical heroine either. She was blunt about what she was feeling, and I think that makes her a different kind of heroine. A better one.

And now for Augustus.

Gus. He is the perfect combination of passionate and apathetic in the way only a 17 year old can be. His passion for his friends and their struggles is truly admirable. He counts himself as a survivor, and instead of carrying a chip on his shoulder about having a prosthetic leg, he makes it just another part of who he is. He refuses to let that have all of his attention when there are so many other wonderful things out there in the world to be concerned with.

Oh, but the plot twists. I'm tellin ya, read it!

This one is without a doubt a tear-jerker. But not in a grossly sappy Nicholas Sparks way( no offense, Sparks) but in a truly touching way that will make you think about life. All while being a complete snarkfest, which I loved.

Really, go read this one. Like, now.