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Princess Mia by Meg Cabot

Princess Mia by Meg Cabot

Caution.... Spoiler's ahead!

I'm including spoilers in this post because I just really need to talk about what Mia goes through in this book and how important I think it is.

Flash to a conversation between me and the Husband in the car a few days ago.
Setup- talking about a young, teenage couple that we know.

Husband: Yeah, I think they are getting ready to break up. A year is just too long for that age....
Me: I totally agree. I think kids should not be dating like that at that age! (unpopular opinion, I know)
Husband: Yes! I think we should totally go back to actual dating. Actually get to know people and figure out what is desirable in a partner...

And I could not agree more because.... I was that love sick teenager once. And I know how the story ended. My high school boyfriend was my first real love. It leaves a bitter taste to call it love now because this story doesn't end well. But my focus here isn't really on the ending, but more about everything that happened in the middle, or really, didn't happen. When I was sitting at home, every night and weekend because he was away at college, I was missing every funny moment laughing with my friends. Every Friday night football game. All the thrills that are suppose to come with being young.. I deprived myself of those just like so many young people do in relationships today.

Okay, now hear me. I am not saying that I wish I had been out with a different boy every weekend. And I am not saying that relationships should not be respected, because I believe that with all of my heart. I am also not saying that every high school relationship is doomed, only that is is rare to find a lasting one. But what I am saying is that, between all of the Twilight and Pretty Little Liars episodes( both of which I really and truly love, by the way), the youth of today have somehow latched on to the notion that without a committed relationship in which they must be willing to die, or at least stand around suffering from their angst, for their One True Love, then their life is without meaning.

Instead, the person I really wish I had dated is................................


Enter Mia. Is it possible that her Love, Michael, has really boarded a plane to Japan, leaving her heart torn asunder? Yep.

To make matters worse, she has made a mortal enemy out of her lifelong best friend Lily because of a silly misunderstanding about Lilly's ex, although maybe it's not so silly after all. Pretty soon Mia finds herself being pulled and pushed from all sides, until she can stand it no longer. She is forced to really take a look inward, when it seems like no one will come through for her, she find her greatest ally in herself.

So this series has been around for quite a while, and the publishing of Royal Wedding is what prompted me to revisit and finish this beloved series. So if you are familiar with these things, you know that Mia and Michael are endgame. Which may be why reading through their break up is a little easier than if I were waiting for the next one to come out, but I digress.

But really, I LOVE that they take some time apart. I think it is perfect. And just so appropriate. Cabot has written an admirable character in Mia, quirks and all. In this book, Mia really grows up a lot, which is frankly a relief because I thought she was going to kill be with all the whining in Princess on the Brink. And sure, there was plenty of whining in this one too, but you also saw Mia make some really mature moves with how she deals with Michael, Lilly, JP and even Grandmere.

This is a series that I look forward to sharing with my future daughter someday, because while it's fine to be a Bella, I think it's really awesome to be a Mia( even if Lily doesn't, get your crap together Lily!!!!!!).

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