Friday, July 29, 2016

Forever Princess by Meg Cabot

Forever Princess by Meg Cabot

Big sigh. It was so good to read this book. I was really surprised to see the drastic time jump, but the reason why totally made sense. And I loved it.

It's hard to really write about this book without giving away spoilers, so I'm just going to go for it. This series has been out for some time, and Im assuming if you are reading this you are an invested reader anyhow.

I know I'm not the only one who saw J.P. coming a mile away. Except Mia. Bless her. But her ability to only see the good in people (until they are waving their ugly in front of her face) is one of her redeeming qualities. I helps balance her crazy, which I also love because it is so similar to mine.

I loved hearing from a mature Mia this time, even if she was telling white lies to everyone, for the entire book. Even herself. It was really fun to see her as a young woman dealing with grown up problems, the most entertaining being who would finally win her heart. But I'll get to that in a minute.

I have to express how much I missed Lily. And I didn't even know I did, because she seriously ticked me off in the last book. But when she did all those things for Mia, even if Michael was kind of making her, I realized that there had to be more than was said. And when we finally got to the bottom of it, I hated J.P. even more than I thought I could. Like I said in my previous post, knowing that Mia and Michael are endgame has given me a different reading experience than if I were reading this at the time of their publishing( I wasn't cool enough for that, apparently). So throughout Mia's whole relationship with J.P., I was really just wanting it to end. And I missed Michael for Mia.

Ahhh, Michael. I loved every scene that he was in. I love the way that he interacts with Mia. He challenges her and respects her. J.P.'s  polar opposite. And for good reason.

Now let's talk about Ransom My Heart. The entire time I was reading Mia talk about her book, I'm like " I would so love to read this!" And then to my delight, there are excerpts! When I finished the book I was thumbing through the pages in the back, marveling in all the works that Cabot has written, when what title do I see????

Ransom my Heart with Mia Thermopiles

Doh! Smack myself in the head, because I already knew about this book! I even have it as ' Want to Read ' on Goodreads, for crying out loud! How I forgot about this I will never know. Then it hits me what a marketing genius Meg is! Like, hello. She totally teases RMH all throughout this book. Golden. That will likely be my next Cabot venture after I read.......

Royal Wedding

Stay tuned....

Happy Reading,

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