Sunday, March 6, 2016

Up and Coming

So lately I've sort of gone on a book buying binge. I blame my husband for this partly because he signed us up for an Amazon Prime account, and now I can get a free book every month on my Kindle app, plus so many more deals! Horrible  Awesome! There have also been a few books in print that I just haven't been able to pass up.

But here's the really bad part... I don't have the time to read any of them right now! For various reasons that I will not prattle on about here, but the main one being that I am about to throw myself into a vacuum of school work so that I can Student Teach in January.  So while I won't be cutting out reading for pleasure altogether, because all work and no fiction makes me cranky, it will be very limited. So to keep me excited until then I wanted to share what I have purchased recently. Okay, lets get started!

The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard- print
I actually got this book for free! The online school I attend, Western Governors University, offers a referral program that allows me to refer people so that their application fee is waived, and by doing so, I receive an Amazon gift card! So if WGU is on your mind, I'm your girl!
This is just one of the many series that I am waiting to start, and by the time I do, all the volumes are likely to be published!

Betrayal: The Fear Street Saga by R.L. Stine- print
I have loved R.L. Stine ever since I stumbled across the Fear Street books in Barnes and Noble at the tender age of 12. My Dad would take me every other weekend with my Step Mom and sister and we each got to pick a book. For years these are the ones I would get every time. And then read nearly the whole thing on the car ride home. This book is a three-in-one. It contains The Betrayal, The Secret, and The Burning. I own all of these in individual copies, but when I saw this I couldn't pass it up. I'm looking forward to reliving a bit of my childhood through this one. I like that it has all of the Saga in one. I think I read them out of order when I was younger, so this will have a much better flow.

The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan- print
Enter another series, and a very long one, that I want to begin. I learned about this series from a friend on Goodreads when she read and reviewed the last book in the series. When I realized what a lengthy series it was I backed off but kept it in the back of my mind for some day. I was in Barnes and Noble the other day and thought to check to see if they had it. I could have laid down some serious money on a very nice copy, but chose to go with a mass market paperback for my first since I'm not totally sure if I will like it. But my fingers are crossed!

The Hypnotist's Love Story by Liane Moriarty- print
It's quite possible that out of all the books in this post, this will be the one I reach for first. I have a special place in my heart for Moriarty. I never fail to love her characters and her plot lines.

The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty- Kindle
Yep, another one. I told you, I can't pass her up.

The Wedding Dress by Rachel Hauck- Kindle

Time's Divide by Rysa Walker- Kindle
Although the writing isn't always what I wish it would be, and the plot is extremely hard to follow at times, I seriously love this series. The concept is fascinating to me. I really love the way that Walker has set up the story, and I am excited to see what happens in this next installment.

Well this post is longer than I thought it would be. And I clearly have a book hoarding problem. Even though I can't read to my heart's content at the moment, it makes me happy to see all of these lovelies waiting on my shelf!

Happy Reading,

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