Friday, February 8, 2013

Torment by Lauren Kate

After reading Lauren Kate's series title Fallen last year, I was somewhat looking forward to reading Torment. But the longer I waited to read it the more my interest waned. I had been eyeing it sitting on my shelf for a few days, and finally gave in because I left my other current read in my car and it was cold, rainy, and dark.

Luce has barely had time to process what took place in the Sword & Cross cemetery. It has left her with many questions, but before she can begin to even form them in her mind, she is carried off by Daniel, her eternal love and protector, to Shoreline on the California coast, where he hopes that she will remain safe. But Luce can't shake the feeling that she is missing something huge. As she unravels her past, will she unknowingly unravel her future?

I feel like I need to make a spoiler button so I can stop typing it every time...

My biggest complaint about the book is the truce. Not the fact that there is one, but rather that I explicitly knew about it the entire time. It made me feel so frustrated with Luce because of how idiotic and irresponsible she acted because she had no idea what was going on but I did. And it also seemed like maybe Lauren Kate thought her readers 'wouldn't like' or 'couldn't handle'(purely my speculation) not knowing exactly what was happening every moment.
All of that brings me to Luce. Oh, Lucinda. What I like about her is that she isn't afraid to be angry with Daniel and tell him off. But she is so reckless and naive, most of the time I was frustrated with her.
Which brings us to Daniel. Overprotective is the tip of the iceberg, until you realize that he is kind of right. Now, is he moody and a tad self-centered? Yes, but then so is Luce.  A LOT of people have hated on Daniel for being a prick, but I felt that Luce was right up there with him. But I still found a way to somewhat like them. What annoyed me endlessly was how neither of them could manage to say what was really on their minds and it always lead them to some ridiculous fight.
When I realized that there was going to be a love triangle, I literally rolled my eyes. I thought that we had already dogged that bullet with Cam, but as likable as Miles is, I hold more value in Luce and Daniel's love. In this aspect, this is Twilight with angels and demons. We all know who she ends up with, why even go there? But, it looks like Miles will be here to stay, for a while anyway.
There are so many things left unanswered at the end of this book. Another reader said that this book was more about setting up the last two, and I would definitely agree with that. Going off what we are left with, I don't think that Luce is human. The way Daniel acted when she was prepared to take a starshot for him confirmed that. The last part of the book was such a jumble it was hard to tell where anyone stood, but there is something(s) major that Daniel has yet to explain to Luce, and I doubt that it will all come to light until the last book. 

This book was just okay for me. I gave it two stars, which is a very low rating for me. I don't like going under three. But I have read so many other sensational YA novels that it doesn't seem right to rank this one with them. I have a tiny hope for the last two, but since there are two and not just one left, I have a feeling that it will get worse before it gets better. I won't be running out tomorrow to get the next one, but it will be on my list for the next trip to the used bookstore. 

Happy Reading!

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