Saturday, January 24, 2015

Time's Echo by Rysa Walker

Time's Echo by Risa Walker

This novella takes places between the first book in the CHRONOS Files series, Timebound, and the second, Time's Edge. I read the first last year and was captivated, and for a while I scoured Amazon every time I thought about it to search for more. I had to wait a while for this novella as well as the second title in the series, but so far it has been worth the wait!

Time's Echo is told through Kiernan's point of view, which is awesome because, of what I can remember from Timebound, we don't get much of him at all. We can assume by what he says during their interaction that they have some sort of past(future?) that is involved, we just don't know what. This novella answers a few of those questions and sets up Time's Echo, which is waiting for me on my Kindle.

Reading this reminded me how much I love Walker's writing, I get sucked right in. And now I'm super psyched to finish up some other titles that I am reading so I can get to Time's Echo!

Happy Reading!

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