Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hello, old friend...

Classic Summer 2013- Kicking off the Harry Potter series 

Recently I have been contemplating getting my first(and if I'm being truthful, probably only) tattoo. I have sort of been wanting one for a while but I couldn't think of what I wanted to get, and I really do not believe in getting ink just for the sake of saying you have it! So I began to think, what is important to me? I'm definitely not going to make the mistake of tattooing my husband's name anywhere on my body, that's some bad juju right there. And as you might have guessed, my biggest passion in life is literature. And some of the most influential books that I have ever read, personally, are J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. Knock it if you want, but these books have more depth than most "adult" fiction. I read an amazing blurb detailing exactly that recently, you can find that here. Some of it is a little far fetched, but most of it is spot on. And that is only one way to look at them.

But for me, there is one word that epitomizes the entire series...
ooff. Right in the feels.

Just like these books, it's not didactic. It has several meanings, different applications for different characters and situations. My plans are to tattoo 'Always' in some lovely script just behind my ear, where it is easily hidden.

Whilst pondering whether or not to get this tattoo, I realized something. Something that is rather embarrassing to me. I have never read the entire series all the way through without having long gaps in between. With other series, that might be okay, but not this one. There is so much specificity and detail, it is far too easy to forget things. So I have decided that this summer I will add Harry to my Classic Summer reading. I will read the series from start to finish, reading a few others in between so that I don't become too bogged down(because that can happen with even the best of books) and I'll be rewatching the movies of course! And after all that, I will make my decision. To ink, or not to ink!

So for now, all I can say is..

Hello, old friend..

Ink disclaimer: To any family or friends who would try to deter me from getting above mentioned tattoo, I ask that you respect my wishes. I know your comments would come from love and concern, but it would probably only add to my determination. :)

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