Sunday, November 1, 2015

Princess in Pink by Meg Cabot

Princess in Pink by Meg Cabot
Okay, so I did something I don't normally do and read the reviews on Goodreads for this book. I was going through and adding the series to my TBR and the reviews for this one caught my eye. It was basically the same thing over and over again. MIA IS SO WHINEY! I tried not to let it put me off. But as I began reading I saw that everyone was completely right.

And I loved it. I thought it was absolutely hilarious. She was completely melodramatic and over-the-top. And it was hysterical. Honestly, I was having flashbacks of the things that I use to write in my diaries when I was fourteen. And that's the whole point, really. Mia is fourteen. Have any conversations with any fourteen year olds recently? Completely whacko. And what else can you do but laugh at them? (with love, of course)

From time to time, when I'm cleaning out my library I will come across my old diaries, and become completely enthralled in reliving my younger years. And let me tell you, it's some heavy stuff. The crush I had at that time? Loved him so much! And it was the same with each one after. And while I was reading this book, I really felt that Mia and I could have been kindred spirits.

Well, on to the next one. I am really enjoying reading my way through this series. They are light and fun, and never fail to make me giggle.

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