Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snowed in!

Well it has snowed here in my little corner of Northwest Georgia, USA. The ground is covered in fluffy white and we are all pretty much in for the night(those of us who have made it home, that is. Many prayers to those still out there.)

I escaped from school today just in time to throw a bag together, collect my dog and my husband and "evacuate" us (his term) to his nanny's house. Our apartment has a bad track record of losing power if someone sneezes too hard. We really did make it just in time though. The usual six minute trip took us a minimal thirty minutes in the snow. It took others in our family an hour to two or three hours to get home!

Anyhow, as I was packing my bag, amidst the essentials, I naturally threw in a book or two. For Snowmagedon 2014, I chose two books in a series that I have had on my mind a lot lately that I have been considering rereading. I meant to grab the first book in the series but it was on a different shelf from the last two and I was in a bit of a frenzy. Luckily they are basically stand alones, and the second one is my favorite anyway.

The two selections I have in my bag are


First of all, can I just say, these covers are absolutely stunning. Bitterblue also has some illustrated pages that are breathtaking. I really love when I find books that have amazing, creative covers as well as amazing, creative stories. Ultimate win!

I probably won't read both all the way through while I'm snowed in, but then again, I might. But the important thing I'm trying to communicate here is...

My first regret is leaving the first book in the series, Graceling, at home. Here's an image of all three together so you can see how lovely they all look side by side. 

So gorgeous.

My second regret is not remembering to throw a few bags of tea in with my books. :(

Alas, off to read about Lady Fire whilst missing my Lady Grey.

What is the one book you would be sure to grab if a Snowmagedon came your way?

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